Astrology solar eclipse february 27

Put courage into action and think outside of the box. Thursday through next Wednesday, opportunity and synchronicity are at peak. Libra September 23 - October Long in the works, you are working your way to a finish line or goal post. Scorpio October 23 - November While you are most certainly moving forward, the past is still of major concern or influence.

In fact, it is a springboard, catalyst, or portal regarding your future. The eclipse also features a reconnection with a family member or someone from your past karmic, ancestral, actual , family news, relocation, a trip or revisit. Sagittarius November 22 - December Now through next week could provide a fresh start, perhaps for something you have considered for some time.

You can go back and revise something that was already completed. A family member or lover can need more from you. Perhaps you need more from them too. Capricorn December 21 - January The past, a key someone, a repeat, revisit, or revision are features of the solar-eclipse mix. What is meant to be will take on a life of its own. What is meant to end or complete will do so now or soon.

Another eclipse and Mercury retrograde are on the way!


Aquarius January 20 - February Through next week, you can be in greater need of healing or positive reinforcement i. Borrow if you need to. Pisces February 18 - March You are at the start of so much more to come. Saying goodbye, remembering and reviewing the past; looking ahead and feeling your way along. Nothing is small or insignificant regarding this passage of time nor the interfacing of past, present, and future. It succeeds the total Lunar Eclipse that happened two weeks ago and it completes the current eclipse period that lasts until the coming summer.

Eclipses are powerful astrological events and affect us all without exception, some of us more and some of us less. A solar eclipse usually acts as a major catalyst and tends to bring about events that are definitive or irreversible. These events may have a more positive or a more negative character, depending on the Houses that the eclipse is activating on our natal chart, as well as the planets and points with which the eclipse is making an aspect.

Solar Eclipse February ~ Swan Wings by Darkstar Astrology

What is certain is that the events that the eclipse brings about, are decisive events, events that are experienced quite intensely, and more importantly, events through which information is revealed to us. Critical information, that has been elusive prior to the eclipse and that is of importance for our gradual evolution. The partial Solar Eclipse on February the 15 th can be said to belong to the class of eclipses that function positively since the majority of the aspects formed on the eclipse chart are sextiles and trines.

Mercury, the planet of cognitive function, is placed in Aquarius, the Sign of intellect and dissemination of ideas.

Mercury is conjunct the two Lights ready to make the recording. Uranus from Aries, in a sextile aspect with the Sun and the Moon, operates like the flash of the camera. Since the summer of we have certainly seen the destructive side of these eclipses!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo – The Final Chapter

For North Node in Leo this side manifests as totalitarian drive and dominance, arrogance, entitlement, macho-ness, greed, snobbery, and the particular kind of cold-heartedness that is found in people who believe in their own supremacy and specialness above others. For the South Node in Aquarius the destructive presentation is heightened conformity to group rules and mob mentality, instincts to align strongly with groups and charismatic leaders, instincts to sharply and violently differentiate from group identity, instincts to give up personal power to the group or leader.

The North Node has a particular kind of hunger to it.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aquarius - February 15 2018

In Leo, its influence is the sensation of blind ambition for personal power. Beware, when this impulse is not recognized and remains in shadow, or if it is not balanced with thoughtful intent and action towards serving the good of all, it will not only create severe suffering for others, it will ultimately burden the soul with so much negative karma that personal suffering which then extends to family, future and future lives is unavoidable. Resist as well the negative implications of the South Node.

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Current & Upcoming Eclipses

These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, December 22, - January 5, Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders.

Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

How do I know what is real? It is a heart sensation. It is a purity. It is courage. It is integrity. When I keep my heart hidden the chance is that things stay the same. When I reveal my heart the chance is that there might be more experiences of love. And be. I have what I need. I need what I have.

It is enough. I am ok. Never again will I doubt my right to take up space. I belong here. Feel, sense, perceive. So much gets lost in the noise of thoughts and language. I am going to take a risk now, and for the rest of my life. The risk is to let myself be myself, and to love how I love. The risk is to trust that what, how and who I am is worth loving in return. Now, encourage everyone else to do the same.

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