Aries horoscope for february 6

Your relationship transforms as you share a touching emotional experience. Colour brown. You can be stubborn but need to be flexible to progressive ideas. A Virgo person gives you sincere advice. You spend a cozy evening and quality time with close friends and family.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Trust your insight and intuition when making professional and personal choices. Lucky number 9. Colour wine red. When you are in a dilemma and don't know which path to choose, weighing pros and cons may not help but listening to your heart and intuition will. You are stronger and clearer after swimming through troubled waters. Meditate to gain perspective and balance. Lucky number 2. Colour sky blue.

You worry about finances, health, details and everything else till good news and opportunities arrive later in the day. You drop fears, take responsibility and stand firmly against any opposition.

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Through meditation you find a deep connection with existence. Lucky number 5. Your attitudes and values are changing. After much fighting and agitating you accept difficulty as a fact of life and then there is relaxation and inner transformation. A fresh approach to the same old problem brings resolution!

Listen to your intuition. Colour crimson. Allow space and time for things to change by themselves rather than feel defeated and stressed.

Horoscopes: Feb. 6, – The Mercury News

Meaningful personal relationships are reinforced with tender, loving care. Your social life could be dull.

A fitness routine and diet program rejuvenates you. Colour pink. Beware of tiring yourself with details and burning yourself out in huge projects.

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Love and romance lead to promise in relationships. You are swift and proud while encountering blocks and difficult people. Meditate through hectic schedules to regain balance. Colour red. As business flourishes your financial situations improves! Your strategy today is one of pacific resistance rather than dynamic offensive, which brings reward and justice. Property matters are settled according to wish relieving you of any further tension. Lucky number 4. Read your full Aries weekly horoscope. With the sun making an interesting angle to Saturn on Monday, you might want to prepare for plans and such to fall to the wayside.

Read your full Taurus weekly horoscope. With the full moon over the weekend, and a positive sun-Jupiter tie, this could be the best day for you to make some new friends. More than that, if you have something to say, now is equally the best time to say those things.

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Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope. Monday sees you attempting to convince a family member of something they disagree with you on. Venus in your romance zones on Tuesday could inspire you to spend more time with loved ones. This weekend is another perfect time for love to blossom so get out there, and go on a date. Read your full Cancer weekly horoscope. Is your home in need of some attention, Leo? Lastly, over the weekend, the full moon in Aries shows you a new opportunity for the future. Read your full Leo weekly horoscope. This weekend, while it could make you want to drop tons of money, it could also surprise you with a new opportunity.

Read your full Virgo weekly horoscope. Family has been a centering issue for a couple of weeks. And this week is no different. Have you been feeling a makeover? Lastly, the full moon may bring things to a head regarding a relationship.

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Read your full Libra weekly horoscope. This week is big for you emotionally. Prepare to face some deep-seated emotions your favorite and clean out the toxic parts of your past. On Tuesday, Venus and Mercury make you very attractive to others. Use this to your advantage. As you get to the weekend, try to lighten your schedule.

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The full moon is bound to make some lifestyle stirs. Read your full Scorpio weekly horoscope.