December 23 full moon astrology

It's been almost 5 years since her diagnosis of cervical Stenosis with mylopythia. Very slow , insideaous disorder. She is scheduled for May 20th, which the sounds sign would still be in Taurus. She's already rescheduled her pre-op for Monday. She's a nervous wreck.

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I know you do not offer medical advice. I can appreciate that. We were thinking June 3, or June 10th. They are removing 3 levels of vertibrae from her neck c3-c7 then put a cadaver bone and build a cage with titanium so the fusion is a success, she must quit smoking. She is 52 and has always been able to figure things out on her own, but, this surgery has terrified her. But, she knows it must be done. We put our faith in a higher power, and we believe in the heavens and the moons effect on everything.

Any help you could offer would be great. On the 29th and 30th, it says "CET" Please explain. Thanks, Deborah. CET and a few other abbreviations represent the names of certain constellations that the Moon is straying into other than the zodiac constellations. The positions of the actual constellations have shifted a bit, because of precession, so that they no longer quite align with those degree segments. My youngest granddaughter is a cancer and they want to take her pacifier away. When is the signs for cancer in the feet?

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I am having female surgery on feb. Hi, I am a Cancer born July 7th. I am scheduled on Jan 15 to have hip replacement surgery and am worried if this is the right date astrologically. I feel that everything is so far away from me and maybe I should wait for the planets to be closer to my Cancer Sun. Someone please advise. Thank you. I know you do not give medical advice. I am looking for the best time for open heart surgery for I am a Leo if that matters.

What is the best time for me to suggest surgery? I appreciate your help. Although I am not an astrologer myself, many of our readers look at the time when the Moon is in the sign associated with the part of the body where one is having surgery. One wants to be several signs away from that sign. For example, for dental work, you want to avoid times when the Moon is in Aries, which is associated with the head see the Man of Signs illustration on this page , and also probably Taurus, which is sometimes associated with the lower teeth.

Also, you want to avoid the time of the full Moon and a few days surrounding it, as it is said that one might bleed a little more freely at those times while healing. If you need to schedule in the few days remaining in November, then the best times might be at the very end, on November 27, 28 both Leo and 29 and 30 both Virgo of I am an aries.

Thinking of the week of February 11th Any suggestions? It is also said that one should avoid the time of the full Moon, and a few days around then, because during that time, one might bleed a little more freely while healing. The Moon is full on February 19, Although I am not an astrologer myself, based on criteria that our readers often use, if you need to have surgery that week, then perhaps Feb 15 might be best, as it is 2 signs away from Taurus.

I need back surgery and am trying to hold off until a couple of days after Christmas. Also, on the 2 nd of January, the Sun accurately conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. This conjunction is practically active from the Solstice onwards and will remain so until the 13 th of January, long after the coming New Moon. This will further help the manifestation of our wishes, despite the energies of the Ecliptic Period. Mercury is practically the only one that gives us an inauspicious long-term influence, by squaring Neptune on the 23 rd.

This will cloud our rational thinking and mind.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: December 22 - Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn - Time to Set Free!

So, overall, this is a very powerful, very important and mostly auspicious Full Moon and waning Moon period. This Full Moon and the waning Moon period are encouraging you to find your balance and harmony, both inside you and in your environment.

This task becomes even more important as the Ecliptic Period will challenge you. Therefore, having a strong and healthy foundation will help you a lot. You need to learn to be more flexible and diplomatic, while keeping your eyes set on whatever you want to achieve. Spiritual powers will be strong and your interaction with the Sacred Spirits will be so, too. Nonetheless, be alert as, at least until the Third Quarter misunderstanding their messages and omens is also possible.

This Month's Full Moon Couldn't Be Better Timed

The coming months, until the end of March, but even more strongly this Full Moon and the waning Moon period, can help you expanding your social circle. They will also help you make it better, even if this means you should release yourself from no-good friends and acquaintances. The good news is your sexual energy and, because of this, your seductiveness and self-confidence are strong this waning Moon period. People like being with you, they trust you and they are seeking your company. Also, trade, jobs that require contact with people and jobs about beauty, health, computers and the like receive very supportive influences.

This is a very beneficial Full Moon and waning Moon period for love life. The stars will challenge problematic relationships, but only to strengthen those with strong foundations and release you from the unhealthy ones. In the same time, though, good relationships are getting better and singles are having more opportunities to find their special someone. You may find this special someone amongst people from your place of working, or of a similar job and career. Those in a problematic relationship, though, with such people will experience the testing even more than the rest.

Nonetheless, money, work and career matters are not inauspicious, at all. They can become stressful from time to time, especially because of superiors and partners, but they are proceeding nicely. If, though, you are seeking a new partner, better decide after the Third Quarter. This is a good period to redefine your life goals.

And if you do so, it will generate a positive and supportive cosmic energy that will help you even when more difficult times will come to pass. Work and health can be your main focus, down to a more mundane level. Work can become quite productive. Occasionally stressful and busy, but productive and successful, nonetheless. Health receives mostly beneficial influences.

If you are having any problem, expect good developments.

Full Moon December 2018 Astrology Meaning

But, overworking, overeating and excessively doing whatever unhealthy habit you may have, is also possible. Control this, for otherwise, their negative effects on your body will also be greater. This is a most joyful and pleasant Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. Love life and sex life will also be affected positively, but, watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes, including cheating, as you are prone to those, too. Friendships are also getting stronger, or at least, more pleasant.

Work, too, receives beneficial influences. Finally, your magical and spiritual powers are quite strong. Meditation, self understanding and realising what makes you feel whole and what you need to cut off of your life are the aspects of it that receive the most support. So does acting upon those. Building strong foundations of joy is what this Full Moon and the waning Moon period call for.

This is a way the Universe urge you to act. Problems in your immediate environment and your most important relationships will be the ones that will be the most demanding. Sun enters Leo.

Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – December - Magical Recipes Online

Mercury enters Leo. Jupiter enters Aquarius. Mars enters Virgo. Mercury enters Virgo. Venus enters Libra. Sun enters Virgo. Mercury enters Libra.

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Venus enters Scorpio. Mars enters Libra. Sun enters Libra Autumn Equinox. Venus enters Sagittarius. Sun enters Scorpio. Mars enters Scorpio. Mercury enters Scorpio. Sun enters Sagittarius. Mercury enters Sagittarius. Mars enters Sagittarius. Mercury enters Capricorn. Sun enters Capricorn Winter Solstice. North N enters Taurus.