February 12 solstice astrology

Delighting in the pattern of frost on a window.

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It is a time of reflection and renewal. Sitting around a fireplace snuggled under a quilt. Even the animals changing their coats to blend with the landscape.

Daily Horoscope: February 11th to February 12th

The green of evergreens. My first winters were in Montana.

February 12 Astrology Reading

The memories forever in my heart and soul. Winter Solstice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is always a somber time, but then the count down to Summer and all the fun events starts. Family vacations, my 3 children my husband and myself all sitting on a warm dandy beach enjoy the sun and the love we share as a family unit, United as one universally.

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The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night, but nights continue to be shorter than days right up to the spring equinox around March One would expect the temperature to start getting warmer the day after the spring equinox, when there is finally more sunlight than darkness. Most years, the weather actually starts getting warmer around February in the Northern Hemisphere give or take, there are a lot of variations in weather and local climates.

This is because temperature movement between Earth and space relies on finding a balance, and the colder Earth is, the more heat it can absorb from the sun, and the hotter Earth is, the more heat the ground can radiate into space at night. So the temperature change is not lagging behind the solstice, it is coming earlier than the equinox, due to the extreme temperature the hemisphere acquired during winter or summer. For where I live in Virginia, the seasons line up better with astronomical seasons than they do with calendar months the so-called meteorological seasons.

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It usually doesn't get really cold here until late December although this year has been an exception and snow and freezing temperatures continue well into March. The same holds true for summer when the heat hangs on well past Labor Day. If the weathermen insist on assigning seasons to whole months to simplify record keeping then Winter should be January - March, etc. Nine out of ten years, it's way to cold on March 1 to call it the first day of Spring. I see winter as a time to slow down and relax by the fireplace with a cup of tea.

I have a ritual of cleaning out my closet and giving to charities. I enjoy the holidays in winter because I get to see my family and catch up on with them. I also enjoy going out for social events with groups of friends. Every December I go to see the Nutcracker ballet at the local performing arts center. I suppose for me Winter is filled with fun and exciting things to do as long as I bundle up on the frigid days I get along fine with Winter.

I am so happy i came across the almanac this morning. As I am sitting on my patio in Germantown, Maryland watchinf the rain drops hit the pavement and my face being struck by cool I love the winter! Its full of so many beautiful creations. The snow falling Its truly magical. Every year we host a Solstice celebration on a hill overlooking a lovely lake, near our house. In MN is it not a choice to have a frozen season.

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We try to encourage our friends to embrace it. Better for the spirits and better to get outside and get that Vitamin D. Here's a poem I wrote for it: Behold the early falling of the light. The creeping cold, the dimming of our sight.

What Day is Winter Solstice ? Astrology, Facts and Date of Shortest Day of the Year

I just have to tell you that, on pursuing this site about the equinoxes, I was struck by the beauty of many of the pictures posted there. What joy they brought to me this early morning! That's a lovely poem and good thoughts.

The first thing I did this morning was to bring in armfuls of wood for the wood stove. I wanted to have a good bit piled on the hearth before it started raining. I brought in 6 armfuls of dry wood! Now I can sit back and relax by the fire. A vacation seems to be your best bet. Happiness for you is coming in the form of a loving partnership and a serene life. People born on February 12 th have a steady nature and will fall in love forever. You are an explorer and a restless bundle of nervous energy. Although your intentions may be good, you are better at starting projects than finishing them.

You are always a little ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas.

What the Summer Solstice Means For Your Zodiac Sign

As the great wheel turns day after day, month after month, year after year we tune into the rhythm of the constantly moving planets, the signs and symbols reflected in our heavens. It was at the end of that a few conscious Agents of change began writing about this turning mandala, with the idea of emphasising important turning points in the year that would work towards setting our collective intentions with the emerging astrological signifiers.

Here we are ready to bounce off into another astrological year when the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries at the March Equinox, Spring in the North, Autumn in the South. Tropical astrologers use this alignment of the Sun crossing the equator to keep our zodiac aligned with the seasons, from which the zodiac originally developed, something we continually need to explain to the uninitiated that try to debase our craft, that our zodiac is no longer aligned with the stars, the constellations from which the zodiac signs developed much of their meaning from Read more.

By understanding the energies present in the Ingress astrology Charts, we ask you to gather 2, 10 or more people or even just yourself and family and follow the simple guide below.


The idea is to send a wave of positive intention around the globe at these important turning points of the year. Intention Activation — Sacred Elemental Balance! Each cycle… Read more. Solstice is either the longest day of the year summer solstice or the shortest day of the year winter solstice.