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Click here to order desired services. Newborn Astrology. Rashi, Nakshatra, Naming letters and birth doshas. Monthly transits of Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury are considered in these predictions. Click on your Moon sign image to see this month rashi phal. Rashiphal or rashifal is also called as gochar, means transits of planets. Every planetary transit from Moon gives different result. Planets over fourth house, eighth house and twelfth house will give bad results.

All planets will give good result in third, sixth and eleventh house. Especially eleventh house called as labha sthana, which fulfills our desires and gives overall success. In general planetary transit over fourth house gives heavy workload and stress. Transit from eighth house gives accidents, losses and over twefth house gives health issues and financial losses. Every rashi and lagna will have different result for each planet in different houses.

Sun, Mercury and Venus transits in a sign for a month. Mars transits over a sign for around 45 days.

Jupiter transits in a sign for a year. Rahu and Ketu transits in a sign for 18 months. Saturn transits in a sign for two and half years. Details of Planetary transits in October This month, Venus transiting over Tula Rashi between 4th and 28th and then he moves to Vrishchika Rashi.

Nakshatra : last charans of Punarvasu , full Pushya , and full Aashlesha Nakshatras. They are introverts. They love occult science. They are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative. They usually live outside their native place. Water lovers. They like natural scenery. They love traveling and roaming. They are fearless and somewhat rough in talks but are straightforward.

They obtain quick gains from their company. They also acquire inherited property. They love luxuries in life and are usually pious people. Strong mental ability to carry the masses. Sympathetic, to the extent of being oversensitive. As a result, they get irritated easily. On the positive side, you also have some magnetic qualities that help you have increased charisma and the greater degree of fame.

Intuitive ability is also out of the ordinary, thus you know when someone is in pain and needs to be comforted. Cancer Weaknesses relate to their dwelling in the past. You have your one foot stuck in the past, thus tend to take memories with you forever, whether good or bad. You can be clingy and needy in relationships because you are exceptionally giving and expect the same level of compassion and love in return.

Their love for beautiful home spaces can make them flourish in the real estate industry, interior designing and decorating. Secure, stable and well-paying careers like banking, accounting, engineering, etc.

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Cancer loves even the sight of food, and, therefore, they can find happiness in being chefs, managing hotels, and restaurants, or anything else related to the food industry. Cancer can do well in fields that involve some amount of social work, child welfare, and pet care. The people of this sign are courageous. They possess an impressive and commanding personality. They are born with leadership qualities and have the magnetic power of attraction. They are proud, pious and clean hearted. They are ambitious, autocratic, independent, strong-willed, suspicious, violent, ill-tempered and jealous.

They are strong and rough towards their subordinates. Their personality emanates majestic vibes and a sense of power. They are very sure of themselves and are able to mingle with all people, high and low alike. Ruled by Sun, Leo tends to be bright, spreading light wherever they go and uplifting the atmosphere. Sun lords over the realm of nine planets, which is why leadership qualities are exceptional. They also become difficult to get along with and want everything to go their way and fail to acknowledge other peoples desires and opinions.

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Making them prone to having lickspittles than true friends. They tend to take criticism personally, even if it is meant for their own good. In relationships, you can be domineering, may make your partner feel like a doormat. Since they can impress and intrigue others with their warm and confident nature, they can also do well in sales and public relationship profiles.

Their love for fame, publicity and popularity often make them opt for a career in theatre, acting, film direction and production, politics, etc. Since they have rich, refined and extravagant tastes, they can also thrive in the fields of music and arts. Nakshatra : last three charans of uttara phalguni, Hasta , and the first two charans of Chitra Nakshatras. Virgoans are shy and sensitive.

They are practical, intelligent and love refinement in life. They are intelligent. They are artisans by nature. They are observant, patient, sensible, studious, soft-spoken, and logical. They do not reveal their secrets. They are shrewd but discrete. They seldom lose temper. Analysis and research are their strong points. Blessed with a sharp brain it is not very difficult for them to manipulate other people. They can disguise their real self and can put forth the face they want for a particular situation. They have a higher-than-average consciousness of the good and bad.

Purity matters but more in matters of the cleanliness of the environment! They are the salt of the earth, can always be trusted for realistic advice. Virgo is a mutable sign. Representing harvest, Virgo brings an end to something that was started by others. You have the ability to change, fix, and adapt mutable the situations in order to make your routine life and standing better earth.

And Chaos is necessary too, especially if it brings happiness. Their opinion will be clear, credible and well thought off. Virgo can thrive in fields that require some amount of service to the public or to the needy. This can include fields related to medicine, teaching, science, and research, etc. Their extreme love for food also makes them chose a job in the food sector.

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They are logical with their nature and are dominated by balance and harmony. They are sensitive, curious, will — principled, gentle, critical, good in perception, but are intolerant. Charming and easily mixing with people around is their sterling qualities. They are pious and spiritual. They have fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity you successfully win over the hearts.

Venus being your ruling planet gives an aesthetic sense and eye for beauty. Creativity, works of art, and the concept of ideal love, all appeal to your imagination. They are peacemakers, who initiate solutions to problems that nobody has ever thought of. Ther power of initiation comes to fruition with communication. On the negative side, they are nagger and may have negative thoughts and often may lead to strong depressions. Their biggest weaknesses are the tendency to procrastinate, retreat and escape than confront the situations making them look unreliable.

Since Libra can see both sides of a situation like no other and loves a good debate and sound arguments, they can do well in politics, ministry, law, and justice. Their love for order and beauty can land them in fields like interior designing and decorate. Libra can do very well in business partnerships and associations. The people with this sign are trustworthy, honest, truthful and sincere. They are short tempered, self-confident and courageous people. They are violent and do not care for repercussions in scuffles and trifles. They sometimes harm their health by addictions.

They use rough language and are straightforward in their speech. They do and finish their work quite fast but irritate others by their nature. They speak less but believe more in action. They are learned, intelligent, and helpful to others and do social work. They believe in religion. They are repellent to the opposite sex. The early stages of their lives are usually marked with hardships, but destiny shapes up between of their age.

You can be secretive about your plans and feelings as you are a sign of privacy. A sense of intensity drives your actions, be it love or hate, you touch extremes.

The biggest strength is magnetic personality as that is what makes heads turn. However, their biggest weakness is the tendency to be a schemer, be driven by manipulation and jealousy than a determination to face challenges head-on. Since they have a deep understanding of human nature and follies, they can find success in fields like psychiatry and psychology as well. Nakshatra : full Nakshatras of Mool and Poorvashada and the first charan of Uttarashadha. They have great potentials, happy and lucky attitude towards life.

They are enterprising, logical, leaders, have a healthy attitude towards life. They gain popularity through their actions and intelligence. They are optimistic, truthful and generous. They are loyal, independent, modest, and virtuous. They attain their goals in life.

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They are usually born in rich families and do not acquire riches by their efforts. The mascot is the Archer- half-man pointing an arrow upwards suggests an idealistic outlook, a focused mind, and a forward-looking approach. The half-horse suggests that outdoor person, who loves to wander amidst open spaces. It also symbolizes the development of the human self, an attempt to set oneself free from the animalistic desires. They can be reckless with their plans for the future and act without forethought.

Their biggest weakness is their impulse. Their need for constant change also makes them prone to losing focus. This can include anything like being in the merchant navy and adventure sports or becoming a travel guide, pilot, etc. Since they are witty and have a strange sense of humor, they can also become good comedians, show hosts, speakers, etc.

Nakshatra : the first three charans of Uttarashad, Shravan complete and two charans of Dhanishta Nakshatras.

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They are stable and serious in nature. They set high standards for themselves. Sometimes their private and social lives are different. They are critical in nature and even do not spare themselves in criticism. Courageous, ambitious and full of drive.